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MTR Snowmobile Club History

This article is dedicated to the founders and past members of The Mohawk Trail Riders. Many thanks for the memories and records that have been preserved over the years.

Rumor has it, that the Club's name was thought up the winter prior to the Club being created. The name was created when a few of the Club members were out riding on Lake Winnisquam near Mohawk Island. It was thought that a good name for a snowmobile club would be "The Mohawk Trail Riders". The club logo was designed by one of our long time and current club members.  The Indian design was called the "Happy Indian". The Club's motto, "We Have Fun". The first patch size was 4 inches square and 100 were ordered in May of 1970.

The first meeting was held on December 7, 1968 at a home of a member. Approximately 15 people were present. Recommendations were made for who to elect president, where to hold the meetings, the purpose of the Club and a snowmobile ride to Canada. The second meeting was held on December 21, 1968. This meeting recorded the first election of officers. The officers at that time were President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.

In the early days of the Mohawk Trail Riders, membership costs were $5.00 per family and $3.00 per person. By May of 1969, the membership totaled 27. On September 16, 1969, the Club joined the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association and the fee was $25.00.

Important events included volunteering time at the international Snowmobile Races held in Loudon, NH on February 8 & 9, 1969. The first ride to Canada began on February 22, 1969. Twelve members participated in that ride and a good time was had by all. The ride started in Tilton, NH, went to Wilson Falls, Maine to a members camp, and proceeded to Woburn, Quebec, Canada. Members stayed at the Arnold Motel located in Woburn. This trip became an annual event. Around 1978, twenty seven members were attending the trip to Canada.

The first three years proved that the Club was there to stay. In March of 1970, arrangements were made for the Club to go to the Spaulding Youth Center in Northfield, NH, to give rides to the children. This proved to be very enjoyable to both Club members and the children. The Club repeated this for several years. By May of 1970, Club membership had increased to 56 members.  During the meeting on November 11, 1970, a member suggested the Club become incorporated.  By-Laws were created, and on December 23, 1971, the Mohawk Trail Riders became Mohawk Trail Riders, Incorporated.

In 1972, the Club rode in the first Easter Seal Ride-In. We hosted the Ride-In in 1981.

There were many active members of the Club who are fondly remembered. Many contributed much time to the Mohawk Trail Riders.  The Club remained active in continuing their rides to Canada, the Easter Seal Ride-In's, family rides, summer picnics, halloween parties, and holding fund raisers. During the summers, there were several weekend camping trips to the Durand's camp, located in Wilson Mills, Maine. Research proves Durand's camp proved to be a land mark for the Club. Not only was it the half way point to Canada, but the Club traveled to Maine for summer get togethers. It appears that the Club members enjoyed themselves whenever they got together. Members pitched in to fix any problems, whenever any snowmobiles broke down or got stuck.

In 1987, the Club was moved to Sanbornton, New Hampshire and continues to ride in the Easter Seal Ride-In's, having family rides and gatherings, holding halloween parties, Christmas parties, and having fund raisers.

The Club's motto and purpose remains the same today. We welcome trail riders and new members. Happy trails!


Snowmobile Club#4

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